Enforcement proceedings

When contacting our Law Firm for assistance, our customers often think that it will be enough to obtain  a court decision in their favour, and all problems will be over.

Unfortunately, it is not true, as the stage of adjudication is always followed by the stage of court decision execution, i.e. the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Execution of court decision, obtainment of awarded property or funds is a long-lasting and complicated procedure during which the customer also requires assistance of experienced specialist.

Legal assistance provided by the specialists of Law Firm “Mostovenko & Partners” at the stage of enforcement proceedings includes the following:

  • We provide legal consulting on the issues of enforcement proceedings
  • We ensure legal assistance in case of property recovery, revealing, search, description, arrest, withdrawal, forced sale of the property that may be recovered pursuant to effective law
  • We represent interests of citizens and legal entities in the bodies of governmental enforcement service at all stages of enforcement proceedings.